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What's Aryason ?

Etymology and values noble, pure and out of the ordinary, the etymology of the word ''Arya'' says a lot about the motivations of our company's project and its essential values. Aryason, or the sons of Arya. The reference is clear: Arya's character in Game of Thrones is one of the many reasons behind this name.


Cinematic inspiration

This character with a heart of steel, whose main attributes are courage and risk-taking, is the source of a filiation between our company and its employees. Courageous, ambitious and sharp-minded, the members of our team, sons of Arya, are the honorable descendants of a line of warriors.


Symbolism of the 45

The choice of the name ''Aryason'' is far from being insignificant. The codification and weight of the word ''Arya'' in numbers coincides with the codification of the first name of its founder, Maher Belhaj. It is the number 45 that unites them, a number whose charged symbolism says something about the richness of the cultural background from which we derive.

Our history

Aryason Consulting



It is the year of the fortunate meeting between Mouhamed Hammoud and Maher Belhaj. This meeting gave birth to an active and ingenious collaboration in the context of Maher Belhaj’s thesis presentation. The adventure has since begun and has led to the advent and creation of Aryason!


It was a decisive year for the team with the creation of a fruitful alliance between the two IT experts. This led to the creation of the IT consulting firm, Aryason. Aryason provides professional services to accompany and guide the transformation of companies.


This year was marked by the registration of more than 100 projects in favor of Aryason IT consulting firm. In barely three years, the company has grown significantly and has seen a remarkable expansion. This development is the result of the hard work of a multidisciplinary team, a work combined with a proven experience in information systems and new technologies.


The year 2020 is marked by a major event, both nationally and internationally. The Coronavirus epidemic has brought the world to a standstill. Aryason had to face this pandemic with delicacy and awareness while maintaining the quality of its services. We have implemented specific actions for each business line in order to overcome this crisis whilst ensuring the overall efficiency of our activity.