DevOps engineers

With the Covid-19 epidemic, a very large number of engineers lost their jobs, while a big majority of employees transitioned to remote work. This is the case for DevOps engineers all over the world. Whose job oversees IT infrastructure, software testing and server performance despite the current overload.



The good news for DevOps teams, is that even in companies where other employees have to report to an office, they are more likely to work remotely or with offshore development teams in other parts of the world. In addition, most IT management tools are accessible via a web-based interface, especially those for the public cloud.

The DevOps engineers of companies have a shared opinion on the impact of social remoteness and remote working.

IT professionals know they can rely on IT automation tools that require little coordination and manual intervention to operate critical systems. Yet many agile and DevOps practices have been developed around daily or weekly team meetings in front of whiteboards and informal conversations between employees in the same office.