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Research and development, technological innovation, networks and telecommunications, Aryason is your partner to execute all your projects and ensure the r&d service and the development of your business.


Watermarking, also known as digital tattooing, has been booming these recent years. In terms of research and development, Aryason’s team offers watermarking services to insert an identification into your programs in order to protect your copyrights.

We have a group of engineers qualified in digital watermarking techniques that allow you to add copyright information in all your processes or R&D service, and this in order to reinforce copyright protection and fulfill security functions.

In addition, we help you preserve your works by creating a unique identifier or form of signature. Our team masters a whole spectre of methods carrying out watermarking.

QoS and QoD

Aryason assists you in terms of QoS (short for Quality of Service). This management concept allows to optimize the resources of a network or a process. In R&D, QoS also allows to adequately convey a certain traffic and to ensure better performances.

It also offers users differentiated response times according to the implementation protocol which optimizes any developed structure. On the network side, QoS enables service providers to measure the quality of information networks, to commit to the data transfer characteristics of IP structures and to properly manage IP traffic.

On the other hand, we have QoD, or Quality of Data. In order to distribute the data received legally, you must take the QoS and QoD into account. We intervene at this level to support you in processing the scheduling of requests and to ensure better data quality and response times relative to your computer systems, networks or technological processes.

Proactive and retroactive algorithms in networking

Aryason intervenes in algorithmic and optimization in telecom networks. Our engineers specialized in telecommunications and networks offer you their expertise and all their knowledge, especially in retroactive and proactive control, in order to complete your projects and implement your technological works.

Mastering the algorithms related to proactive or retroactive control, they carry out the telecom management of your company as well as your projects at a preventive level, a preparatory level, and a provisionary level.

Civil engineering design office for TowerCo

Aryason consulting’s expertise in the field of telecoms has been acquired on two different levels:

1- Externally through our consultants on the basis of their various post-mission feedback from the largest players in the telecom market.

2- Internally through the research conducted by our 3 engineers in our civil engineering design office.

Our interest in research is perpetually consolidated, it enables our design office, working in close collaboration with our consultants in the field, to stay up to date with the activity in the field and to follow the evolution of the market and its various stakes.

For this reason, and faced with the frenetic growth of the sector, Aryason consulting deploys the expertise of its design office and its consultants to examine and study the market and offer its own solutions adapted to the needs of the market.

One of the major innovations of our design office today is AryaTowers !
AryaTowers is our pylon calculation tool that generates instantaneous calculation notes and gives access to a constantly updated inventory of an operator’s fleet.

Our calculation tool, accessible on the cloud, is constantly monitored and validated by our design office.

For more information visit our AryaTowers page and ask for a free demo!