Support Disability in Business

Aryason is committed to the employability of people with disabilities and Support Disability in Business. We wish to become a key player in the field of professional integration by promoting the necessary actions for their integration and accessibility to employment.

Aryason Consulting


We encourage employment equity

We are committed to making our business more inclusive by increasing the employability and retention of people with disabilities. We believe that embracing diversity benefits the person with a disability, the company and other employees. For Aryason, every employee can bring added value to the company, regardless of their disability, their experience and knowledge aren’t overlooked.

In this sense, our human resources management strategy requires equal opportunities. We also promote coherence in our action plan to internally mobilize the team so that it ideally welcomes and integrates the disabled person. Thus, we promote social dialogue and communication with all our employees to ensure successful integration and increase the employability of people with disabilities.


Adapting the space for higher accessibility

Aryason arranges the workspace to facilitate the integration of disabled employees. In addition to the accessibility of our premises, we also provide tools such as specific screens, furniture such as ergonomic seats and targeted softwares such as correctors for dyslexic individuals, in order to facilitate the work of the disabled person. We invest to provide all types of technical arrangements necessary to implement.
Beyond physical adaptations, we propose an adequate arrangement of the workplaces and the missions granted. We believe in the recognition of the disability in order to better our ways in making the work conditions suitable.


We raise awareness within our teams

In order to deconstruct stereotypes and raise awareness, we educate our employees on issues related to the productivity of the disabled worker. Our goal is for our employees to understand that these physical conditions don’t affect and the skills of the said worker.

This goal is achieved by thinking outside the box, and looking at the matter from a different point of view. It is also important to train our employees as well as possible on the various disabilities so that they can learn how to properly welcome and integrate disabled people.

This is why we answer the various questions asked by our employees or by people with disabilities in order to facilitate teamwork. 

We guarantee an adapted integration

Aryason offers managerial support in terms of integration of disabled people. We receive them properly and we guarantee adapted reception conditions so that the disabled worker can feel at ease. In addition, we ensure their follow-up during the first period of their integration. We observe their daily life and their work within the team in order to make the necessary corrections, if necessary, or to suggest actions that optimize their integration. We are also open to a possible change of position, training for another job or conversion to teleworking depending on the situation of the person concerned.