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A human dimension

Because our employees are our main resources and the pillars of our company, we attach great importance to the human dimension. Our managers focus on the psychological aspects of work to create a certain group dynamic and inspire their teams. Taking into account psychological concepts allows for a more fulfilling professional life and effective integration within a company, hence Aryason’s success.

Group Thinking

Our company is proud to present its team as a single entity. Our efforts are the fruit of our willingness to build strong and clear group thinking. The work and various assignments we are entrusted with are carried out in groups, where an exchange of ideas takes place. Indeed, within our premises, we work under the motto that group work encourages innovation. This is why we encourage initiative and regularly organize brainstorming sessions to enhance the exchanges within our team. In this way, we enable several people to cooperate and work together.

Learning by observation

Whether they have many or few years of experience, our employees never come out empty-handed. Everyone benefits from each other’s expertise and draws on each other’s experience. We value internal exchanges and encourage our employees to share their knowledge and know-how to benefit their colleagues in various fields. Thus, by observing the work provided by colleagues, we refine our knowledge and skills. We give our employees the opportunity to express themselves by proposing their ideas during meetings. This stimulates the spirit of innovation and creation and initiates a learning process, including exchange and observation.

Social contagion

There are many reasons why our company is a great place to work, including team spirit, mindset, shared vision and diversity of talent. We strive to create a comfortable social atmosphere and an atmosphere where every employee feels at ease in his or her environment. Within our premises, our employees are role models for each other. Friendships are quickly formed and this facilitates and considerably improves the quality of the work provided. At Aryason, the corporate culture is expressed by the social contagion that we wish to establish and the legal personality of our group which is based on exchange and sharing.


Paradigm of minimal group

Social identity theory shows that categorization within a group induces discriminatory behavior and tensions between individuals. We base ourselves on the concept of the minimal group paradigm, which is strongly used in psychology, in order to create a certain social solidarity. In this way, each employee is valued and integrated appropriately to find himself or herself in this new professional environment and social context. Our company does not aim at expanding in number but rather at the quality of services. For this reason, each person hired plays a very specific and crucial role in our system.