Our cloud security expertise

The 6 main activities of Aryason Cloud Security Solution are :

Audit and Consulting

Our role is to help business leaders to identify their risks and opportunities, to structure and implement transformations that will improve their operational efficiency, their compliance with standards and best practices but also their results and competitiveness.

Devsecops training

It is about designing, developing and implementing technical projects involving the integration of complex network and security solutions. Automate the development process by integrating the notion of security from the beginning of your projects. We transform and train your devops and devnetops as well as dataops into devsecops if necessary

Application Security

Design, develop and implement projects involving security management during the software and application life cycle. These services include application security testing, design and code reviews, application vulnerability cleanup assistance, and on-demand secure application development.

Perimeter Security Outsourcing

This involves taking full or partial responsibility for the security of a customer's information system and related activities for an average period of three years, but which can extend to ten years or more.

Competence Transfer

This is an advanced training service in the field of networks, systems, information systems security, architectures, application security, and the cloud.

Building Awareness

In Information Systems Security. It consists in designing, developing and implementing a company program including raising the awareness of its personnel to information and systems security as well as communication around projects and subjects treated in information systems security.