Industries 4.0

Implement Industry 4.0 by creating aryatowers

The Cloud

We use the Cloud for the advantages it provides in terms of data security and accessibility.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows us an instantaneous exchange of information between the real image and the digital image and vice versa.


Thanks to BIM we are able to have the most data-rich digital image. All necessary information is available on the digital model.

Artificial Intelligence

It allows us to analyze big data and apply it to behavioral models through machine learning. The real object now has a digital shadow, identical and in real time.

Digital Twins

Thanks to digital twins, the digital image is able to order a change to the real object through augmented reality.

Aryason has implemented industry 4.0 in the telecom sector by creating its 4.0 design office aryatowers

Aryatowers is a design office 4.0 solution created by Aryason that can model telecom network towers and generate instant calculation notes!